How to make a stiff hat brim?

I've given up trying to find a suitable hat for sea kayaking.
They are either good for the sun or for the rain but not both.
So I figure I'll make one. Goretex (or clone) for a waterproof,
breathable top, enough flotation so it won't sink and a hat band
that allows air flow underneath.
My problem is figuring out how to make a brim that will be stiff
enough to handle serious wind without flopping around. It also
has to be something that can be repeatedly soaked (and frequently
laundered) without disintegrating. It should also be something
I'm likely to find locally without having to order from the other
side of the planet.
The brim will go all round the hat, not just a bill like a baseball
cap. Think of a cross between a Tilley and a sou'wester.
Any ideas? TIA
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Michael Daly
Mike I've just gone through this with a client. You need Timtex interfacing, nothing else even comes close. I've tried layering lots of other stuff, including the stuff that Joanns told me was the same as Timtex, ( it's not) but I think its the stuff you want.
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small change
I think the plastic canvas would work better in this case. It doesn't matter if it gets wet. It will continue to hold its shape sopping, dripping with water. Yet it will allow the hat to dry quickly.
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Thanks, Penny. I went for a walk yesterday and visited all the local craft and sewing shops (both of them) and they never heard of the stuff. I ordered it from the Timtex web site - the Onesie size package should be plenty.
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Michael Daly
On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 16:59:50 -0500, Michael Daly wrote (in article ):
Timetex or Pellex? The same things used for the fabric bowls.
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Maureen Wozniak

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