Overlocking seams

Had a splurge and bought a brother overlocker, my pattern cutting is
not great so wanted one to overlock the fabric edges of my pattern
pieces (and must say it has improved my dressmaking no end).
I make bags out of old jeans and line them with fairly cheap synthetic
lining, usually I fold over the hems of the lining and stitch them, am
wondering if I can get away with just overlocking them, or will this
make them fray?
Sorry to ask such a daft question but I'm newish to overlockers and
used to seaming with a bog standard machine, any help would be
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Overlocking should be all you need to finish the seams. If the fabric is one that frays easily, you could shorten your stitch length and set the width a bit wider if at all possible. CiaoMeow >^;;^<
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