Real work denim!

I started to pick up the papers in the sewing room, but got
side-tracked by a Gohn Bros. catalog. They gots work denim!! The
information isn't of immediate use, because I still have enough of the
superb herringbone the worn-out pants I'm wearing were made of to make
two more pairs of jeans.
I got my copy of the catalog when I bought a pair of socks, but they
have a PDF of it on their website at
I hadn't been looking at the fabrics carefully, because I ASSumed that
everything was either quilting cotton or perma-press -- six bolts on a
whole wall of fabric don't jump out at you.
And when I counted the weights of cotton denim, I noticed that they
have black polyester double-knit to make my slippers from. But I
won't be up Middlebury way until May, when Bonneyville Mill opens for
the summer.
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Wow! I love places like that. Wish we had places like that in this country. Thanks for the mention - I've done a thorough exploration of their site and many other sites online that mention them.
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Fran Farmer
Thanks for letting us know about their store! Barbara in FL
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