sewing lingerie without a serger

Do you think is possible to sew stretchy lingerie garments without a
serger but only zig zag?
What kind of seams and methods are better in sewing sheer/ mesh that
also have stretch? I stabilze with paper on the back but when is
removed and stretched the stitch tend to look like a chain not a zig
zag anymore, but a little snake formed with the 2 threads. And the
stretch is dead.
Yes, I think the era of zig zag sewing machines was for woven
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Considering that people have been sewing lingerie and swimsuits since before sergers were available for domestic use, it's certainly possible.
Narrow zigzag stitch, triple zigzag if you've got it, set to standard length. No stabliser. Use taut sewing (pull the seam very very slightly while stitching). If it's a seam that will be under some stress (shoulder seam) stitch some clear elastic into it. Use a ball point needle (it won't pierce the threads and kill the stretch).
-- Jenn Ridley :
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Jenn Ridley

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