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Hello again.
A while back, I mentioned I had an old Singer. I lied. I went to get it from
storage yesterday and it is in fact a Necchi 544 (not sure if Mk I or Mk
II). Not sure why I mis-remembered it.
(BTW Sorry if I didn't reply consistently to everyone last time, I had flu
[not man-flu!, the real stuff] and was half dead for 2 weeks).
Anyway, it's a bit stiff but does run (with some risk of straining the
motor) and the mechanical actions seem correct. So I'm off to World of
Sewing in Tunbridge Wells to compare a full service against a new machine of
similar caliber. I think it should fix up fine, as long as the costs for a
full stripdown, clean and relubrication (which I think is all it needs)
isn't too excessive.
Next I'll be telling Necchi they need to get multilingual on their website -
first time I've come across an international manufacturer in recent times
where they hadn't been bothered to put up their site in at least 5 european
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Tim Watts
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to get it from
Mk I or Mk
That is more commonly known by its moniker "Lydia", worth some TLC and will serve you well ....
Just one ammendment to Kate's reply (Kate who has forgotten more than i will know), the Necchi's made or mass produced in taiwan are only so... so... (that is from personal experience when i thought anything Necchi was good)
I don't think Lydia was made in taiwan but if it was then it would be an exception to that rule.
lucky you, robb
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robb wibbled on Thursday 25 March 2010 18:36
Just got back. Sadly, the main control cam (plastic) is cracked and unavailable. That at least cost me nothing to find out - good old World of Sewing :) So I'll probably be buying one.
So I said please show me what you have with all metal gearing, metal chassis and no computers. I would allow (and prefer) electronic tacho control of the motor (speed regulation).
Their engineer showed me a Frister and Rossmann Puma 2100 for £349 which I tried and it seemed quite competent and roughly in the league of the Necchi. Very solid. Built in China as so many things are, but for the budget seemed decent and potentially quite repairable (according to him). No speed regulation, but if that annoys me enough, I can always build a bit of electronics to do that later.
He told me a tale of woe about Necchi not being Necchi anymore, Singer not being Singer and various other examples of "badge engineering". So if the badge doesn't mean anything, might as well not worry too much.
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Tim Watts
Those guys REALLY know their onions - or sewing machines! But if you want the old Bernina, gimmee a shout.
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Kate XXXXXX wibbled on Thursday 25 March 2010 23:39
Hi Kate,
Actually - yes please :) I think it's hard getting a solid machine these days. Stupid Necchi for messing about with plastic gears and cams on an otherwise perfectly solid machine. Someone in the USA said (a few years back) that the cam for the Lydia was (then) available, at a mere $100!
My email address is valid. Apparently I'm busy all Sat, but Sunday (I think) and any time in the week between or after school runs is possible.
Is this the 807 that needs a new extension plate? If so, I've had a look on the web. Doesn't look too hard to make up a similar plate out of perspex (have jigsaw and dremel!). Would I even need the plate for normal work (curtains)?
And a contrib to the Air Ambulance will certainly be forthcoming :)
Thank you for your most kind offer...
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Tim Watts
There were 2 versions and one is available that cam stack. I would need the serial number off the machine. Even so the cost would likely be prohibitive. Also there are no feet available for the Old Italian machines which yours is.
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Ron Anderson
Tim now has his 'new' sewing machine!
he came over this afternoon and I walked him through the points, and he had a nice test of both the 707 and the 807. His choice was the 707.
I sent him off with the machine and manual, and a couple of bobbins, and an elderly copy of the Reader's Digest Complete Book of Sewing. Thayt should keep him going for a week or two. The machine only has one foot, so I suggested getting the zip foot and the blind hem foot to suppilment it. Other things can come in the fullness of time.
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Kate XXXXXX wibbled on Sunday 28 March 2010 22:00
Much appreciation and thanks to Kate. She took a long time to take me over the machine and recommend brands and various addon bits that would be useful :)
She's a star!
I'll post piccies when I get the curtains done - assuming they're straight(!).
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Tim Watts
She is every bit a star. Not only incredibly knowledgeable, but generous in passing on information and guidance to interested people. I think the Queen should name Kate as a National Treasure.
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Thank you. :)
They will be! You are, by admission, a perfectionist. Just go slowly and follow the book! :)
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