Small world!

So today I go to our biggest CW muster, and get inspired by all the
pretty dresses creatively made. Coolest one: a landscape toile (accent
mark) made into a day dress. Why, I could find that design that has
people doing country dancing and playing music, and make it into a
On the way home I drop by a TSWLTH. At the cutting table is a mom &
daughter getting the last yardage needed for her Make It With Wool
submission. Guess what: it's for the Novi sewing expo. And it turns out
that they hosted a barn dance last year, and I was one of the callers
they contacted about it. (Sorry, had a gig. Human cloning is illegal
and I couldn't do their shindig.)
The daughter is making a slink gown out of wool in a periwinkle
blue. That's what I noticed first, sice I was wearing my ballgown not
16 hours ago! I kept saying I should invite them out to the car to look
in my garment bag (hey, as pictured on my project page). They were
going on and on about lining the dress, which shade of lining should
they pick? and was there enough to line the underside of the black wool
cape? I tried to help...dress lining wouldn't show so it doesn't matter
if it matched the cape. Black wool? I'd pick something a little lighter
and more colorful.
On the way out I stumbled across some of those hippy-dippy from the
70's beaded curtains from the craft department. Guess what color these
beads were! Of course I shared that with these two.
I might have to go to that expo (despite my distaste for the locale)
to see the finished product.
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