AD: Scrapbooking & Stamping Fibers, Great Prices Combined shipping

Hi Everyone,
I have a handful of fiber packets ending Tuesday at 8pm. Also there are
lots more scrapbook fiber and hand made paper packs available for direct
sale in my Ebay Store. The 20 yd fiber packs are 2.49 and many more are
less than that. Also there are 27 packs of 99 cent fibers. These are done
up in beautiful color combinations with lots to choose from.
Auctions Ending tonight at 8pm EST include the following:
Summer Jewel Tone Fibers
formatting link
Fudge Fibers
formatting link
Summer Night Fibers
formatting link
Pride Fibers
formatting link
of the 99 cent auctions includePink Kisses Fibers #262 Scrapbooking Stamping
formatting link
Plum Fibers #259 Scrapbooking Stamping
formatting link
Fibers #247 Scrapbooking Stamping Accent
formatting link
Brown Fibers #266 Scrapbooking Stamping
formatting link
can find all above and many more at my Ebay store
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- Combined shipping is welcome when making 1 final payment for all your
auctions and or purchases.
- You are welcome to take your time and browse I will combine shipping on
all items bid and purchased in a 10 day period.
- Quick Fast Shipping.... shipped in less then 24 hours from cleared
payment. (All auctions are packed and ready to ship before they are listed)
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