AD: Stampola is Backola!

Stampola has just got some solid help (My Mother Barbara - say HI to
everyone Mom!) who is going to be helping us with inventory, orders,
customer service, etc... Yay! As a result, we have taken a current
inventory, and have updated the site. All the products and categories (for
which we still have things) have been added back onto the site!!
AAANNNNNDDDD (this is the good part) we are having a HUGE inventory
reduction sale in celebration. Go to the site and check it out - and tell
your friends!
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What is on Sale:
Mounteds $3
Unmounted on Cushion $2
Unmounteds $1
Accessories 50% off and more
Metal Stamp Sets are $10 and $15
Simply Janet Sets are 25% Off
Family Tree Plate (Unmounted Only) is $3.99 (was $8.50)
Marble Magnet Plate (Unmounted Only) is $3.99 (was $8.50)
Metal Foil Sheets 50% Off
What is NOT on Sale (but still available for purchase):
Guitar Chord Stamps
Woodmounts (limited qtys and selection left, will not be restocking)
Sale prices are good while supplies last.
Sale is for ONLINE orders only. No mailed, faxed or phoned in orders will be
accepted for this sale.
No checks, No Money Orders. Online orders with V/MC only.
If we run out of an item you ordered we will not back order it, and we will
not notify you that the item is out of stock, instead we will simply remove
it from your order. We have updated our inventory so hopefully this will not
happen much.
All shipping is $3.85.
Hawaii & Alaska will pay actual shipping charges or $3.85, whichever is
We are no longer accepting international orders, and that includes Canada,
Thanks for all your support everyone!
Mindy, Chris, Barbara (and Riley Roo too!)
(oh...and if any of you email me you will get a response from Spam Arrest to
verify you are not a Spam Robot. Once you verify you are in fact a real,
live human being emailing me the email (and any future emails from you) will
come through. I have been getting over 400 Spams a day, so I had to resort
to something. Dang Spammers!)
Stampola Rubber Stamps
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7609 Indian Springs RoadDallas, TX 75248 972.980.4036 tel 214.722.1511 fax
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