Advert - Coat of Arms rubber stamps.

Thank you for reading this message.
We have been making rubber stamps for the Craft industry in Australia for
many years, and have been selling them throughout Australia and around the
In recent years we have been asked to make stamps for Coats of Arms for
family names. Initially we declined because they are very difficult to do
for many reasons.
However over the last year or so we have made a start on them and have now
built up a collection of over 1000 Coats of Arms stamps for family names.
As well we now have the ability to make thousands more as we get new names
As far as we know we are the only people doing this type of work. (The only
people silly enough - more like)
We have just finished an online catalogue containing all the stamps we have
done to date and if you are interested, you can find it at
formatting link

Also we have updated our normal stamp online catalogues where we have over
1000 rubber stamps available. The catalogues are available at
formatting link

Robin Pyke
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Robin Pyke

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