rubber stamps - glueing.

probably a dumb question and I can probably find it online somewhere...
what's the secret to mounting your own stamps WRT what adhesive to use?
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Most sellers of blocks for mounting also sell a foam cushion that has adhesive on both sides. One side adheres to the mount, and the other side adheres to the stamp. You want a pad because without it you won't get a nice image. You want to stick the stamp to the pad, trim aound them both, then stick the pad to your mount.
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Gina Bull
If the foam is allready mounted to the stamp and you want a permanent mount you can use a thin layer of rubber cement. If you want to use the stamp like an unmounted stamp then you can use Aleene's tack it over and over - read the directions on the bottle. This makes it so that you can use the acrylic mounts and store your unmounted stamps in a 3 ring folder on a plastic page cover.
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Thanks Gina.
I specifically did not get double-sided cushion. I'm really counting pennies right now (or quarters based on the US economy) and it saved me $4 to buy cushion sans adhesive.
so... just trying to figure out what adhesive would work best at this point
thanks, kcat
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