Un Mounting Rubber Stamps

Hello fellow stamping enthusiasts...
I've noticed that a lot of stampers are beginning to prefer unmounted stamps
for a host of reasons.
I sell both mounted and unmounted stamps that my wife and I manufacture, and
I make the wood blocks for our mounted stamps in my shop.
It can be quite time consuming to mill the Eastern White Maple lumber to the
appropriate widths, route the edges for the handles then of course there's
the sanding, and sealing with lacquer or urethane.
As you might imagine, I'm always on the lookout for a simpler solution.
If any of you has un-mounted their stamps and would like to sell the wood
blocks, or the stampin' up cases they came in,
PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to buy them from you a
reasonable price.
You get to keep your Stamps AND recoup some of the money you paid for them.
You can email me directly at snipped-for-privacy@whitepinetradingpost.com or visit my
shop at
formatting link
and click on the "Contact Us" Link
Our inventory at the Trading Post is pretty low right now because we're
packing it all up for a big Craft Show coming up in our area but we will be
adding many dozens of new stamps to the store very soon.
As always, if you would like a custom stamp made from almost ANY image or
phrase or Word in any font, any size or shape....
contact us for pricing information.
There's a form on our website where you can upload the picture you want made
into a stamp, specify the sizes and mounting options, and we'll email a firm
price right back to you. You're under no obligation to buy or sign up for
Here's a link to that form:
formatting link
if you're at all curious about what it might cost to have an Art Stamp made from your favorite doodle or a picture of your pet alligator... here's a way to find out for FREE.
Shipping is always FREE on EVERYTHING to destinations in the USA.
(Shipping to the rest of the World is also available at actual shipping
Happy Stamping.....
Chester Pinecone
WPTP Stamps
White Pine Trading Post
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Chester Pinecone

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