Neat Technique For Rubber Stamps

If you haven't tried this yet, you are going to love all of the
possibilities and ideas for your rubber stamps.
Go to any department store and purchase a package of Inkjet Iron-On
transfers. You may want to purchase a "white cotton" set and a "dark
fabric" set for your projects. (More on why the difference and the need
Enter this new world of custom stamping. We had wonderful results with
our rubber stamp "etched" glass. (It is removable, takes only a couple
of minutes, and looks great!)
The custom stamped t-shirt was a big hit as well as the stamped
We made some detailed steps on how to accomplish this. You can see the
artwork we made at the following address. Then to see the step by step
instructions, simply click on the item that you are interested in.
formatting link
Rubber Stamping Fun
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