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Good afternoon,.
Ok, so I recently joined a Stampin up Stamp Club, as it seemed a fun
and afforable way to add to my collection.
Now, my current collection is amaassed over many years, and is almost
all Christmas stamps, all mounted on wooden blocks, taking up oodles of
So, recently I recall a thread about "mutilating" ones rubber stamps by
removing them from the wooden blocks for ease of storage.
So - since the stamps from Stampin Up come unmounted I wondered if a
few of you more seasoned stampers could refresh me on their advice..
a) Should I mount my new stampin up stamps, or use this as an
oppurtunity to start to store my stamps differently?
b) When going through my older stamps, what would be the best method of
removing the impression?
c) Where is a good place to get acrylic blocks cheaply?
d) What do folks use to mount the rubber stamps onto the acrylic?
Sorry if you have to repeat some of this....
Thanks for all your advice!
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I can't remember, but don't the SU stamps come already on their foam?
I was told to microwave the stamps a few seconds to loosen the glue, but found it easier to just rip them off with no microwaving. Gray foam seems to be pretty easy to remove, black is OK to remove need to remember to get between the black foam and the adhesive, which in most cases with mine is kind of plasticy and then it comes right off. The red foam seems to be the hardest to remove. Now there will be exceptions to all the above, but that in general has been my experience. Gray is good.
See if there is a plastic store in town. I have one called Tap Plastics. They have a remenent bin that is free to dig through and take what you want. I've gotten all my acrylic blocks there so far.
I've been using EZ Mount Stamp N' Stor System. It's a foam pad that is sticky on one side and static cling on the other. I really like it. Now it can get pricey I imagine in the long run, but I think I have a manageable amount of stamps to afford it. A friend of mine has already decided she doesn't want to do that and is going another route. She's storing her stamps in CD cases and not using the foam/static cling backing. She's going to do something that uses the fun foam sheets under the paper that is being stamped. Using straight static cling plastic (again get it at the plastic store) to stick her rubber impressions to the acrylic block and stamping. The fun foam giving it the cushioning needed.
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King's Crown
If I was you, I'd start buying unmounted stamps. They will be lots cheaper. I wouldn't pull the image off the wood, because you paid a lot for the wooden mounted stamp. This would really devalue the stamp.Try selling the wooden ones, or trade with someone who wants them.
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Connie (Kendall) Bartley
I don't know much about questions b, c or d, but I can give my thoughts on a. If you ever decide to resell your used Stampin' Up! stamps, they will have more value if they're mounted on the wood. To keep my collection of stamps from overrunning my space, I go through them every July. Anything I'm willing (and ready) to part with, is either sold or traded. It's one way I can keep my stamps from overtaking my space, plus, I get new stuff out of it.
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Deb in AR

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