rubber stamps????

I would like to know how to make your own rubber stamps. What do I need to
make ?? I would appreciates it very much. Is there any websites on how to
make your own rubber stamps??
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Someone recently posted this about making your own polymer/acrylic stamps...I wonder if the process would be the same, just with a different medium? Arleen
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It depends upon the amount of money that you would be prepared to invest & time available. I know of one small commercial stamp maker, that needs to clear over £600 ( $ 1, 200 US ) each day for 6 hours work making about 25 stamps & he claims he grafts hard for that sum. However, art stamps & signature stamps will cost his clientele more & take him longer than a day ( as he always needs to get the proof copy artwork approved before investing his time & money next ).
Now if your really handle with a scapel or light craft knife, you can practice what the Indian rubber stamp makers really do in India. They HAND CARVE their own negatives from Indian Rubber blocks, but they can take patients, time & considerable professional skill in doing so!
It basically returns to that starting point HOW MUCH money would you be prepared to invest for such a project - get a realistic sum on that one & the rest can be matched to meet than sum. Like everything else, the greater the sum, the better the quality of the finished product.
John Locke.
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