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From: "Eureka Stamps"
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Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:13 AM
Subject: COMM: 1/2 price unmounted sale
Our web page is slowly crashing and we will be having to start all over from
> scratch. So, we are offering an incredible sale to tide us over during our
> down time......
> All unmounted stamps 1/2 price!!!
> We MUST receive your order by next Wednesday (August 18th). We will have the
> start of our new page up on the 19th and there will be no way to order
> individual stamps (only full sheets) until some later.
> When you order, the stamps will go into your shopping cart at full price.
> Once you finish your order, email us and let us know you want to take
> advantage of the 1/2 price sale OR you will be charged FULL price! We will
> adjust the total before we run your card. Please allow extra time for us to
> fill your order.
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