LAST DAY to pre-order the new rubber at 25% off!

LAST DAY to pre-order the newest rubber at 25% off, y'all! I said it'd be yesterday, but we got caught up in a blizzard and I didn't get home till late and I didn't update the website, so you have till the end of TODAY, the 18th! When the pre-ordering is over, the sale prices disappear, so get your orders in quick! These are wonderful new sheets, you're going to LOVE them!
There's a GREAT, very legible version of Times New Roman (Times Ram=F3n now!) with little bites out of it, in TWO sizes, large and XL, for your bigger works and layouts, a cool alphabet that's made up of letters and numbers combined, and the E sheet you've all been asking about, nothing but beautiful E's all on one big sheet! They're all wonderful, I'm excited to have them coming at last, so get your orders in quick!!
Have a look at them here:
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AND, please please please DON'T forget to check the clearance page, there are GREAT deals there on the stuff I have way, WAY too many of! Most are more than 50% off, go look! I'll be adding more items there today.
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And pass the word for me, too, will you? That is SO appreciated, since I can't be everywhere!
Happy shopping, everyone!
:o) Robin Ma Vinci's Reliquary
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