NEW RUBBER and eBay listings!

There's NEW RUBBER at Ma Vinci's, if you haven't checked it out yet! There's a new sloppy alphabet, a new sheet of random quotes I love (check this one out: "Maybe Art is just a dog on Neil Young's porch...") and a new sheet of nothing but A's (the other letters will follow, honest). Have a look and tell me what I can send your way!
AND, I have qu1te a lot on eBay this week, cleaning out my own personal stash of stuff, go look: I've got paints, inks, some fun marquee letters and numbers, a couple of cigar boxes, miscellaneous stamps, and a great box that would make a cool shrine or treasure box.
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a wonderful day, y'all! :o) Robin .............................. Ma Vinci's Reliquary
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can't change the direction of the winds, but we can adjust thesails.
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