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Hi all,
I've been lurking here off and on for a very long time. I haven't found it necessary to post until now.
I thought you would want to hear about The Greatest Scrapbooking Show on Earth and International Rubber Stamp Festival coming up January 14th and 15th in Quartzsite, Arizona. There will be 25 classes offered and over 100 vendors at the vendor fair. The whole thing is being held in a huge circus tent that they have there and Tim Holtz may be there, too (cool!). I know they were planning on having a website but I don't know if it's up yet or not. I know there are still openings for teachers and vendors, if anyone is interested. If you are interested in teaching or having a booth there I would suggest you contact Emory Clark of Noxon Tools (the sponsoring company putting on this show), at snipped-for-privacy@icehouse.net. He's the inventor of the Better Setter, the very cool eyelet setter that makes it so you don't need a hammer. I saw it at a show recently and it's way too cool. The tools are on big springs...
Anyway, if you contact Emory, he would know all the info you need or where to send teaching proposals to, etc. I'll be submitting to teach, for sure!
Hope to see you there!
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thanks for posting this information i would never have knowen about this show otherwise. i have a friend who lives near there and will ask her to pick up some things for me if she is going.
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