Hi my name is Tressa. I have not been very active with the group. I've
a bad back which keeps me from staying on the computer a long period of
time. I have back surgery on August 22,2005. Which does not seem soon
enough for I am in so much pain.
I do a lot of stamping, collages, abstract work if that is what one
would call it. People are noticing how much they like it. That I should
be showing it and expanding. Where is my web site?
That is my question.I know the basics of the computer but a web site?
How do I go about starting one and one that is free or cheap to show
what I have. I have a name for my art business but no one can find the
web site that is not there.
Can someone please help a beginner at this web page business as to the
A B C's and 1 2 3's so I can direct you and my friends to my web page
that needs to be started. I am scared and confused on this and don't
know where to go and who to trust (money grabbers?) Thanks and love
everyones mail and work!
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