SALE at Ma Vinci's 7/16 and 7/17

That's THIS Friday and Saturday, two days only! I can't manage
more than a two day sale, guys, the number of orders I get during
these are amazing! I'll get the prices loaded in to the cart early in
the morning Friday, and will end it on Saturday at midnight! I've
posted it on the site, and you can feel free to pass the word. I've
also posted a few notes about the email replies and the shipping
times, so everyone will be prepared! I don't know if * I * am, but
I'm doing my best to get there!

The main things of note are that I can't reply to every individual
order via email personally like I used to. The cart will send an
auto response, so you'll know your order went through. If I have
questions or problems on an order, I will be in touch myself,
though, I promise.

Also, do expect delays in shipping. I normally ship the day I get
an order, but of course, I can't possibly do this if I get 150 - 200
orders in a day. And I'd appreciate your giving it a good week or
more before you start emailing me to ask what day your order
shipped, this really slows me up. It's hard waiting, I know, but it
WILL get there, I promise!

And, if you make multiple orders, you can note it in the comments
section, and I'll TRY to combine them, I'm usually pretty good at
that, but I can't guarantee it, fair enough? You know how hairy
this has all gotten this last 6 months, and all I can say is, I'm going
as fast as I can and I'm TRYING to be efficient!!

Finally, if your friend gets her order before you do, but you ordered
on the same day, you might not GET your order on the same day.
She might be the first order I received, and you might be the 200th,
so they're not going to be shipped in the same batch. Life is crazy
here during sale times, and I've already warned my family about
laundry, dishes and meals. I will NOT be doing those chores while
I'm filling orders, lol.

So, heads up, and happy shopping everyone!! Thanks for your
support and patience, it's truly appreciated!!
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Ma Vinci's Reliquary
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