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How do you store card samples?
How do you store card samples for easy viewing? I would like something like an album format, as opposed to box o' cards. Unfortunately the average note card is one-quarter the size of an 8.5x11" sheet...
15 years ago 5
SWAP: Card exchange
SWAP: Card exchange details Send 1 card and matching envelope, and get 1 card back. Cards don't have to be a particular theme. Write your name and email address on the back of the card. This would be...
15 years ago
AD: 1031 Rubber Stamp Stores now listed
Hi! I just finished the June update and there are now 1031 rubber stamp stores listed (5 fewer stores than last month). Most of these stores also carry scrapbooking supplies. You can search by; State...
15 years ago
A hobby is defined as an activity which is done in order to find a venue for relaxation.
The purpose of STAMPS ON LINE site is to make philately popular like a business which is for every one and it hopes to help attract new people to stamps. In other words: wrong venue for advertising...
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AD NEW Assorted Fiber Samplet Sets for Stamping
Hello Everyone, I have just listed eight assorted Fiber Sampler Sets at my site on Overstock. These are wonderful starter sets for someone just getting into scrapbooking or a way to add to your...
15 years ago
COMM: New postal cancellations, BIG ones, at Ma Vinci's!
By popular demand, BIGGER postal cancellations, for your larger than life creations! Go have a look: shopping, everyone! :o) Robin Ma Vinci's Reliquary
15 years ago
Wooohooo this group is ALIVE!
I'm Edie from Vale OR, right on the border with Idaho - I was very excited this morning to see the hard work that's been done on reactivating this news group! I've been stamping 9 years - I work for...
15 years ago 3
More organizing of supplies
I'm an organization junkie, I'll admit it, but I don't like to waste what little stamping time I have hunting for supplies, so a week or so ago, I embarked on some organizational endeavors. I don't...
15 years ago 1
Rubber cement resist
This looks really neat :) Jeannette, It does look neat! Yet one more thing I will need to try... Barbara If, for some reason, you have Watercolor Artist's Masking Fluid and no rubber cement, you can...
15 years ago 2
I was looking through Google groups, and saw this. I'd y'all would find it interesting :) Looks like all the original founders have long since disppeared. _______________________ REQUEST FOR...
15 years ago
Transfering newspaper acticles
Transferring Newspaper Funnies How to transfer newspaper funnies to any paper surface. Perfect kids' project. Simple and easy. Materials Required Newspaper, paper and eraser Instructions First, find...
15 years ago
Hand Crafted Paper Mache The Red DRAGON *One of a KIND*
The RED Dragon This unique one of a kind hand crafted Dragon, took awhile to finish. The dragon comes with all the features of fantasy dragon. Sharp teeth, claws, spikes going down the back, and a...
15 years ago 2
Custom stamp
Anyone know of a cheap source to buy a custom stamp? I'm hoping to get a stamp made with names or initials done nicely as a wedding gift. Jeannette Most office supply stores can have stamps made for...
15 years ago 2
Organizing stamps
I finally decided to organize my unmounted on the storage sheets by theme, and to create index sheets for reference organized by manufacturer. :) I haven't decided whether or not I want to keep my...
15 years ago
Unmounted vs mounted
I finally had a chance to play with the unmounted stamps I bought, and I really like the way the images came out. Since the acrylic block is heavier than wood, I feel like I get clearer images. I...
15 years ago 1