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AD: 1040 rubber stamp stores now listed
Want to let everyone know that I just finished the July update and there are now 1040 rubber stamp stores listed (12 less stores than last month, all located in the USA - the first time i've recorded...
17 years ago
Creating or Making your Own Rubber Stamps
Hello All, I was hoping someone could help or guide me in how I go about making my own art rubber stamps. Are there any good online resources or FAQ's which give me an indication of where I might buy...
17 years ago 2
Laura-Lynne's August Swaps
All of my swaps are run the same me to sign up ( ) and get the full details! All are 6/5, any techniques and stamps from any company are fine, full cards unless specified, LSASE + 1 for...
17 years ago
thank you for your stamping talents
Your stamping has helped my mom's spirtis so much..I cn't thank you enough. Each time a stamp card comes into the hosptial she ohhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and shows everyone that will look at all of...
17 years ago
Comm: Stamps With Messages
Have some plain old message and word stamps for this week. So before you take off for the 4th of July weekend, take a peek. Limited quanities. Shipping is 10% of the total amount. Take time to Stamp...
17 years ago
Re: storing inkpads
I have about 2 dozen ink pads that I use to stamp up when I "letterbox". I just have them on a shelf over my desk . (easy to get to ). But I heard somewhere that you should lay them with the ink pad...
17 years ago