Any reliable sewing machine recommendations?

I am looking to buy a basic sewing machine that will last for a long
long time, more than 20 years. I don't do quilting, no embroidery,
don't sew much, don't need fancy features. Just need a reliable
machine to do some clothes mending, curtains, cushions, etc. The must
have features (other than standard straight, zig zag, reverse...) I'm
looking for are
some overlock stitches that prevent cut fabric edges from fraying
blind stitch
decent sewing with various fabric materials and thickness (chiffon,
denim, heavy wool, fleece...)
If money is not a concern, which brands and models do you recommend?
If budget minded, then which brands and models do you recommend?
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Have you looked yet at the FAQ Penny posts from time-to-time:
"There is a "what machine should I buy" FAQ.
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You might also search groups-google for the archives of this and other sewing newsgroups.
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Bottom line is, none of us can make that decision for you. Test the types of things you are likely to be sewing on several different brands. I personally still use the Singer 401A I bought *new* in 1961. A good older used machine will be probably be better then a cheap new one.
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I was faced with the same choice a few years ago when my old machine gave up the ghost. After looking at all the machines that were available locally from Bernina to Singer, I chose a Mechanical Janome with a multitude of stitches and no electronics other than the foot pedal. I reasoned that I didn't need most of the features that were available on the computer driven machines and I have been proven right in that my needs have been satisfied. The newer mechanical machines are so far superior to those that were available 20-30 years ago, when it comes to stitch control, and number of stitches available on a basic machine, that based on your stated requirements, there might not be the need to spend money on something that is more complex. If on the other hand you envision progressing beyond the basic sewing skills then, thinking in the long term might be better.
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Have a look at the Janome 2522 LE or the new Janome Easy Jeans22 Both machines are very reliable, I have seen my dealer demonstrate them going through several thickness of fabric, even a tick leather belt. They are reliable and my dealer supplies thois machine to all the local schools in our area, and they stand the abuse the kids put them through. Both machines are little over £200 in the UK
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