elbow patches

DH has a jacket that he has worn a hole in the elbow. I wan't to sew
some patches on the jacket (perfect since he is a professor).
Can anyone point me to some nice, long lasting patches and also
instructions for sewing them on? Do I whip stich over the sides or do a
running stitch or something else?
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JoAnn's carries leather elbow patches - usually hanging on the notions wall. IIRC, they have holes round the edge for you to sew in. You may whip stitch or blanket stitch or whatever you think will look appropriate for that particular garment. If they no longer have the stitching holes in, you will need strong needle and a good heavy thimble or even a "sailor's palm".
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans
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Olwyn Mary
On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 12:14:05 -0500, Olwyn Mary wrote:
When I sew on reflective tape, I punch holes with an awl -- or with the sewing machine, if I want them close together -- then use whatever needle is suited to the thread I'm using.
I seriously *don't* recommend the three-cornered leather needle. If you aren't an expert, the sharp edges do a lot of damage. Far better to pre-punch with an awl than to cut holes in your jacket.
For the professorial look, I'd use saddle stitch -- which is what you call running stitch worked through pre-punched holes. This is also the quickest stitch to work. If you prefer a solid line, you can go around twice.
Or you might like the looks of a slanted stitch made by coming up in the holes and going down just outside the patch halfway between holes.
Joy Beeson
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Joy Beeson

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