Good online fabric store?

Does anyone know of an online fabric store that carries quality apparel fabric, cotton blends like for blouses? Most all of them seem to be specializing in quilting fabric! I'm in a super small town, so need an online source. Thanks!
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I buy almost all my fabrics from eQuilter, although the title says "Quilt", they have so much more plus they are great with online orders. No, I am in no way affiliated with them, just a very satisfied customer.
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I have a few cotton lawns that are really soft, but most of my things are cotton quilting fabrics. My site is
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However, if you are looking for luxurious fabrics and some really fun stuff check out
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- nope I'm not affiliated with them.
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They carry a lot of different things. I've gotten...well...let's just agree not to tell my husband how much fabric I've gotten from them, ok?? lol They will frequently get "designer" fabrics. Those are usually garment industry overruns. And when they say something is really nice quality it always has been IME. Did I mention that they are very reasonable on price too?? love that place. Their stock changes frequently. They send out an email newsletter usually on Tuesdays. It's free to sign up for that.
Another good one for garment fabric that is very nice, but on the reasonable side is
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I have gotten some really gorgeous stuff from them. Check in the discount section and the whole bolt section too. You can sometimes find amazing deals in both.
NAYY. But very satisfied with both sites. I lived and sewed professionally in a small town for 8 years. So I know what it's like to try and find good quality garment fabric. I was nervous the first few times I shopped online, but I can honestly say I've not had any bad experiences with either of those sites. A couple of times I've gotten the wrong thing from fabric.com. (keep in mind this is 2 times out of....we won't discuss how many orders!! LOL) They immediately shipped me the correct fabric, at no additional charge, not even postage, and told me to keep what I was sent in error to use for a future project. ;) Can't beat that!
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