Janome New Home Combi 10 Overlocker/Serger

I was cleaning up my old sewing machine today having not used it for a while
and discovered something odd about the overlocker.
It's a while since I used it for overlocking and I had some difficulty
inserting a needle. I found that the tip of the needle brushes against the
looper tip when the machine is operating - that can't be right, surely?
I've found an adjustment for needle height but if I back the needle off so it's
higher and doesn't contact the looper tip then it doesn't make stitches because
the looper misses the thread underneath. So I've put it back where it was. It
does successfully produce overlocking, with no unusual noise in operation, but
I feel slightly uncomfortable cranking the machine through and watching the
looper deflect the needle as it goes by.
Perhaps this is normal? I have checked the needle is straight.
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Tim Steele
On Sun, 13 Apr 2008 14:45:02 UTC, Tim Steele wrote:
It's not unusual for the tip of the lower looper to brush the needle as the looper moves to the left. However, if the looper is striking the needle as it moves to the right, that could cause trouble. Also, the upper looper on some machines will deflect the needles as it moves to the right.
If the needle is striking the looper as the needle moves down something needs to be adjusted. gwh
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Wayne Hines

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