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hello all.
im new to all this, i have just bought to singers machine and serviced them.
188u and a 196k5. the 196k5 is for sale as i have no room for it.
im after a heavy thread but i don't know to much about them. i know that
Barbour thread m30 plays up and wont go through but i need something
heavy(ish) am i right in thinking 75 is about the same as the stuff that's
used for jeans.
i need to stitch the ballistic nylon that im after.
can anyone recommend a good place to buy from or a good site with the right
sort of help/info.
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Phil Morris
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Go to the YLI site -
formatting link
-and scroll down to the "Thread of Life" file under Education. It's a pdf file and will give you a lot of valuable information about thread in general, including how to interpret the labelling on reels.
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