tension messed up

I have no idea how to set the tension on either my old steel head Singer
or my home ec class newer model Singer. The bottom thread turns into a
"rat's nest" before I have sewed a few inches. Help!
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Thread messes at the bottom usually mean a problem with the *upper* thread tension. Unthread the needle path, and very carefully clean the entire path, including flossing between the tension disks with thick thread (like buttonhole or upholstery thread) or a fine strip of lint-free cloth.
Be sure to check your manual for the exact path, put in a new needle, re-thread, and see how it goes.
Good luck,
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BEI Design
In addition to Beverly's excellent advice, be sure to start your seams correctly.
1) raise needlebar with handwheel; raise presser foot 2) Put work under presser foot, drop needle into work at beginning of seam; drop presser foot 3) Holding thread ends behind the presser foot, make 2-3 stitches. Drop thread ends, sew normally.
This stops the beginning of the seam caterpillars on the bottom issue. Loose top tension will show up as loopies on the bottom of the seam for the entire length of the seam.
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