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Crazy Quilting
The topic of this post is Crazy Quilting, which is a type of needlework that was popular in the Victorian era and has been gaining in popularity since a resurgence of the craft in the 70's. Crazy...
13 years ago 7
Need Part for White 764 or used one
I have a great old White Model Sewing machine. Wonderful machine that is all metal except the plactic gear part that attaches the gears to the bobbin. I am looking for this part or an old white 764...
13 years ago
Poll: best medieval costume
Which one do you think look the best? Pardon the poor photo quality
13 years ago
A Sewing Machine For The Workshop
On occasion I find myself needing to create items for the home workshop that require a sewing machine. I am looking for recommendations in what to look for in a sewing machine that will handle a...
13 years ago 55
Introducing Myself
Hi Guys, I used to post to this group years ago and wanted to reintroduce myself before responding to any of the threads. I see a few familiar faces from RCTN & RCTQ. I am Tia Mary and have been...
13 years ago 1
ISO sewing patterns for children Victorian era clothing
Appreciate any help or direction my apparently inadequate skills in net searching leads to photos and historical info, ebay wannabes; however, that is all non-productive for accurate patterns I can...
13 years ago 2
button covers
Hello - I would like to know if anyone has a source for button covers that will fit over jean jacket button shanks. If you don't have a source- perhaps you have a solution.
13 years ago
can this blouse be shortened?
really like it, but it's wayy too long for my tastes. also, anyone know a good tailor in toronto?
13 years ago 1
Buy Oilcloth Fabric ?
I'm looking for small amounts of oilcloth fabric to make several waterproof tobacco pouches - the kind of fabric similar to what Australian Driza-bone coats are made of. Any clues out there? Aren't...
13 years ago 4
Kindly add me
I would like to join the group. So, Kindly register me for this group. This is a newsgroup, not a forum. You doint need to register - just join the chat! Welcome aboard. What are you sewing? Well, you...
13 years ago 2
Sewing on tulle
Have any of you every done any sewing on tulle? DD is getting ready for her wedding in August and I want to put a narrow edging on her veil by machine if at all possible. Any suggestions?? All answers...
13 years ago 12
Personalized Baby Bedding
Handmade material will become so special especially for the loved one. No matter how unprofessional it may look, but the price is worth a thousand gems. Parents to be sometimes need help to celebrate...
13 years ago 2
AD: Club News,Modular Fence 7 & 8,2 new sets, Free Picnic GHI hidden
Club News, More Designs have been added to the club pages, and can only be had if you are a member. Click on this link then click on Snaggers Club to join. Added this week is a 4th ofJuly Set, Bowl,...
13 years ago
Ad:Modular Fences 5&6,Frog apartments,Picnic Alphabet DEF,Club News too
This week I have for you Modular Fence sections 5 & 6 and they are on Page 3 of New Designs Next for all us Frog Lovers I have Frog Apartments. There are 14 pieces to this set and would be great on a...
13 years ago
And James is reasonably pleased with them. they have growing room, so I may not have to make more for a while... He has taken all 4 pairs off to camp. However, I do want to try the zippy-off's again,...
13 years ago