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Good sewing chat??
Hi All I have been reading this site for quite sometime, but it seems to have lost all its sewing pizzazz, where has it gone? Sandra There's more traffic on Have no idea. Thanks for that but I cant...
13 years ago 5
hi wanna fasinable handnade buttons in horn,bone wood etc for your garment projects
our site for the beautiful world of handcrafted buttons from our craftsmen. we accept small orders too for your small garments projects.] we are alredy vendors to some of the best companies in USA...
13 years ago 1
Custom Apparel, T-Shirts, for Baby & Kids, Men & Women
You will find Custom T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Spaghetti Strap Tank, and Long & Short Dark T-Shirts, Maternity T-Shirts & Much More Featuring Animals, Nature, Passionate & Sentiments Gift Ideas....
13 years ago
Shirt pattern, dress pattern?
Hello, I am looking for a cute but simple (and easy) pattern for a shirt, for a 2-year-old boy. I would prefer one that had a nice collar and long sleeves. Any recommendations? I'm also searching for...
13 years ago 1
Knit fabrics and my new Bernina
I've got a new Bernina and I lurve it - have already sewn a couple of woven fabric projects successfully but I was trying to mend a t-shirt and I just can't get it to sew knits. I am using a ballpoint...
13 years ago 7
The resurgence of the Crazy Quilt
The topic of this post is Crazy Quilting, which is a type of needlework that was popular in the Victorian era and has been gaining in popularity since a resurgence of the craft in the 70's. Crazy...
13 years ago 3
Sewing godets
Does anyone know a website where I could see a demo on how to do godets. I've been working on a dress and can't seem to get it right. I guess there is a trick I'm not being given in the pattern...
13 years ago 2
Tai Chi Clothing
Looking for a Tai Chi clothing pattern. Have looked many places on the internet but not luck. I saw something called Ranma on a web site and it is the jacket pattern that I want. The web site is not...
13 years ago 2
Knot at the End of a Seam
I want to do a little hand sewing. How do you tie a knot in the thread when you're finished with a seam or whatever, so that the knot is close to the fabric and does not pull out? Pictures would be a...
13 years ago 1
The Art of Buying Lingerie
The Art of Buying Lingerie most women wear thongs, you're not asking her to try anythingradical. Fashion stylist and lingerie savant Mary Alice Stephensonsuggests "finding a smaller strip that runs...
13 years ago 4
cake made with towels
I am in need of instructions for a centerpiece using bath towels to look like a wedding cake. Thank you. Linda Google is a wonderful resource.
13 years ago 1
Fabric basket lining
After your excellent advice on how to make valences, I am done and they came out great! I have some fabric left and I'd like to do a lined basket. But I can't find directions for this anywhere. There...
13 years ago 3
SewEzi sewing table
Thanks, Tar. Beverly I have one of these in our RV. It's fantastic! When it arrived, I was a bit worried, as it doesn't feel very stable when set up. However, once you set your sewing machine up on...
13 years ago 8
Need A Logo Design? Check this out!
Need A Logo Design? Check this out! These guys made me a fantastic logo for my ebay shop, only $19.95! They did a really good job! Check em out if you want: Idon't know how long they are doing this...
13 years ago
help with baby bibs
I have some bought baby bibs I wanted to embroidery some designs on them what kind of stabilizer id the best for this project?TIA What type of fabric are the bibs? How heavy/thick is it? Are the bibs...
13 years ago 1