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welding hat
hi everyone i am looking for welding hat or cap patterns. i would like to make some for a gift. hope someone can help me. thanks the painted horse. "THE PAINTED HORSE" wrote in message news:%vbsh.10$...
13 years ago 9
What is a good brand and price to order a number of cones of serger thread?
I will be checking locally and on the web. Figure I will buy at least 24 cones in different colors. I don't like not having what I need when I start a project LOL.. Is 3000 yards a standard size cone?...
13 years ago 9
Need help with making pro wrestling gear
I have been a pro wrestler for the past 10 years and have decided rather than relying on others to make my gear (costumes) for me, I would like to make my own. I have done research on the internet...
13 years ago 10
Ice Shanties
Hello Everyone, I haven't posted here often, but like to check things out from time to time. What I would like to bring to your attention is a group of artists who have built Art Shanties on Medicine...
13 years ago
Vintage Patterns for sale
vouge etc. various sizes, styles. Brand new. Located Chapel hill NC 27516 This s a discussion-only board, no advertisements are allowed. Please use the marketplace groups for this, that is what they...
13 years ago 2
sewing machines. LOTS of sewing machines.
Marion and I spent Xmas and New Year in Istanbul (well, actually, New Year and the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice, as Xmas hardly exists there and we like it that way). One place we went to was one...
13 years ago
White Sewing Machine Model No. 742
I just recently received a White machine Model No. 742 for my birthday. It was my Aunt's mother's and the manual is nowhere to be found! I called White and they said the manual is out of print. HELP!...
13 years ago 1
Duvet cover for blanket without ties
HI, Everyone, I recently purchased a duvet cover for a blanket I've had forever. It does not have corner ties. So I'm wondering what you'd suggest I do to be able to use the ties in the duvet cover....
13 years ago 4
Sew a Messenger Bag
Hi Here's is the messenger bag that I did a while bag: you like it too!
13 years ago
Perfect fit waist mechanism--where has it disappeared to?
I fell in love with TravelSmith's perfect fit pants which have clever side adjustment mechanisms which combined, give you up to about 6 inches of extra space which is GREAT for weight gain or for...
13 years ago 5
juniper exams ?
iam looking to purchase package for juniper exams. are they close to real exams ?
13 years ago
Repair tips --help please
Would love to get one of my wife's machines up and running, but am seeking advice before I take them to a repair shop not knowing it might have been something simple . . . Singer model 3820: Manual...
13 years ago 3
Loops for pearl buttons?
Hello all, I am new to this group and have a problem you folks might be able to help with. I am sewing a blouse that takes pearl buttons, but instead of button holes I was hoping to use loops. The...
13 years ago 8
Has anyone ever worked with unprinted vintage patterns?
I got a new sewing passion this Christmas. Vintage patterns. However, I've never worked with the unprinted variety. Have any of you worked with them? Do you have any tricks that might make it easier...
13 years ago 4
singer sewing machine manual etc
anyone have a manual or how to thread a singer AD668126 not at all familiar with flat bobbin--i also believe the thread tension part is broken ( the part where you adjust 2 metal plates to tension the...
13 years ago 4