Need help with making pro wrestling gear

I have been a pro wrestler for the past 10 years and have decided
rather than relying on others to make my gear (costumes) for me, I
would like to make my own. I have done research on the internet
concerning sewing lyrca/spandex, stretch velvet. Most of the
information pertains to costuming, swimwear and dancewear. I understand
that to do this correctly, a serger should be used for the seams and a
zig zag stitch for everywhere else. I was going to just buy Brother
sewing machine and serger for Wal-Mart. I am having difficulty in
finding patterns for singlets sometimes referred to as unitards.
QwickSew seems to be the only one that has patterns for lycra tank
tops, bike shorts, tights etc. I guess you could piece together the
tank top and bike shorts and make a singlet pattern. I have also read I
could trace my existing gear and make patterns out of that. Getting the
people that make this type of gear/costumes to talk to you about how to
do it is near impossible as their is a huge call for the stuff and few
people that make QUALITY gear. So they aren't ready to give up any
secrets of where they get their material or how they work their magic.
The best gearmaker in the world has an 11 month wait to have anything
made. I would much rather be able to make my own creations so they fit
perfect and look exaclty like I want them too rather than wait months
to get something that doesn't fit or isn't exactly as I wanted. So I
guess I am looking to those that know sewing to answer what machines I
need and wear I can get patterns. Also are there any place to be taught
or books that show you how to sew this type of garment? Most
seamstresses I have asked that can make wedding gowns and anything else
won't even consider making me any gear. They take a look at what I have
now and say they couldn't do it so now I want to give it a try. If
anyone needs examples of what I am looking to make, I can post various
websites for gearmakers. Thanks in advance for any help.
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I've made two singlets for my son because we couldn't find anything that he wanted ready made. I also could not find a pattern. I ended up tracing one that fit him and then adding the seam allowances. It worked pretty well because they are a very basic shape. Yes, it is better to use a serger. You might check out
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, they might have something you could use. I agree about finding a seamstress, unless you could find one that does skating costumes. I think there would be a lot of similarities. Good luck.
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Lee & Cathi Thomas
Thanks Cathi.
I think I am going to buy the qwik sew patterns but also trace my current singlet and make a pattern out of it since it is already fit to me. Right now, I just want to make things for myself not others.
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Check out Penny Schwinn's company, Speciality Outdoors. She makes custom garments for outdoor pursuits, including cycling, so she's used to handling stretch fabrics.
She has a page of hints,
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but you may find it easier to talk to her about getting her to make your garments - she's pretty knowledgeable. The skill set you'll need won't be acquired overnight and you may be better off, in the long run, spending your money with Penny rather than Wal-Mart.
Before you buy a machine, there's an FAQ at
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NAYY, but I'm in awe of Penny's knowledge of speciality fabrics.
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Sally Holmes
I really don't want to rely on someone else to make my gear for me anymore so having Penny make it would be no different than having someone who only makes professional wrestling gear do it. I have talked to several people that sew alot and they told me that it won't be as hard as I think and that they can help me. They thought finding the fabric would be hard but that is the easy part. I was told I don't need a serger unless I plan on making alot of gear and that it is easier to learn on a sewing machines. I was also told how to create my own patterns from existing gear I have so I should be in good shape. Now all I need to do is get the basics I need, get some material and good thread (Guutermann) and it is a matter of trial and error and practicing. Like I said, for now I just want to make stuff for myself and not for the everyone in the wrestling business.
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Penny is willing to help someone who wants to make gear for themselves. Don't be afraid to ask her for guidance. As Sally has said she's is a fount of knowledge. Juno
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Well I guess I will make my own patterns for the time being and get a book as well as help from local people on making and sewing the garment. There are 2 experienced people that are willing to help teach me. Right now, I am only going to make singlets and possible a nice ring robe. Maybe down the road I can get into other designs of gear but for now I will try and keep it as simple as possible. I may also pick up a book on sewing stretch fabrics and go from there.
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Most gear makers use the jumbo spandex, stretch velvet, and PVC stretch material. Some of the older gear makers use only 100% Heavyweight Nylon. I have also used 100% Polyester to have masks made since it is softer than Nylon. I only use that material when I want it to have a dull finish without a sheen. I normally purchase the material from a contact I have then send it to the mask or gear maker and have them make the garment for me. They tell me they have no idea where I am getting it that material from and often want to know. I told them I would trade my secret for their secrets on making gear. Still no offers ha ha!
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Kwik-Sew's Swim and Action Wear by Kerstin Martnesson has good information on sewing with stretch material and adjusting patterns for fitted exercise garments. Of course the patterns are sized for women, but this information plus your existing gear as a pattern should be good.
The most important thing to keep in mind while sewing stretch fabrics it to make sure you are not stretching the material as you sew. Use some scraps of material and practice. If the seam looks wavy, one or both layers got stretched as you sewed the seam.
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: Hey if anyone is looking for a custom designed wrestling gear, check out MARTIN Wear. I think the website is
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and they work here in the states, but they send all their stuff out to Mexico to be handstitched and custom worked. Really cool stuff, my brother got his gear through them and its great material. Check them out, their prices are good and they really will work with you, they really know their stuff.
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