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Yesterday, to my TOTAL surprise, my wife suggested that I buy another
lathe to keep exclusively for pens. So I'm looking for recommendations
along that line.
I am primarily interested in sturdiness / quality of manufacturing. Cost
IS 'an object' but not the primary one. If it has a 1x8 or MT2 on the
headstock, so much the better.
At the moment, I am considering buying another HF 12" (on sale for $180
at the moment) and simply reserving the current one for pen turning.
Looking at the Penn State catalog it occurs that the HF machine, while
having greater capacity, is about the same price as the PSI mini & midi
lathes ... or even somewhat less.
Your opinion?
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$199 from Craft Supplies at the moment, plus $35 for delivery. Not all that much of a saving now that I notice how much they want for shipping, but at least it's something. Get the extension bed while you're at it. You won't need it for pens, but maybe you can devote the HF to them and use the Jet for everything else.
WARNING: After using the Jet, you may look at the HF rather differently.
Amazon had it for $199 with free shipping a while ago. If you are patient, it might happen again. Not that I'd advise waiting for it.
Owen Davies
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Owen Davies
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My recommendation is that you buy your wife some roses. She's obviously a gem.
The Jet Mini is apparently difficult to beat for pen making. A friend, who produces literally hundreds of pens for sale each year, uses one and has nothing but praise for it.
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So far I have had excellent luck with my Delta Midi lathe it has 1x8 or MT2 on the headstock MT2 on tailstock. The one that I have comes with a spur center, live center and a 3 inch face plate. I have owned this lathe for three years without any problems.
Steven L. Raphael
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Steven Raphael
And if one lives near a Lowes it may still be possible to find one for about 150 bucks on the Delta clearance.
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J. Clarke

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