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Mini/Midi lathe
I am almost an intermediate pen turner. I began using the lathe part of a Shopsmith many years ago, dropped the hobby because of some issues with my eyesight, but picked it up again with a Harbor...
4 months ago 2
Re: Boiling Wood:How Does It Prevent Cracking?
The theory which makes sense to me is that the boiling process, also occurs in each individual wood cell. This causes a rupture of the cell wall of every cell in the chunk of wood. Following boiling,...
5 months ago
Cooked Ash or Oak
Is it possible to DIY ?cooked ash? or ?cooked oak? in a home shop?
1 year ago
Woodturning - Potential business??
Hi, I have kind of fallen into starting this as an income, my boss stopped giving me work at the same time I started thinking ?I could sell this? My question is, do you spend time and effort on the...
1 year ago 2
NOVA DVR XP motor for sale
I have a NOVA DVR XP motor with a brand new retrofit control panel installed. The motor runs great. I need to sell the motor ASAP. I am asking $500 or BEST OFFER. The machine runs great. I have the...
2 years ago
Blast Hole Drill Bits Manufacturer and Suppliers
Focus Mining Services (FMS) manufacturer and supplier of blast hole rotary drill rods and rotary bits. We supply a wide range of rotary drill bits which are designed to maximize the performance for a...
2 years ago
Full Face Shield
A friend is looking for a full face shield with air filtration. Any recommendations ? 3M Airstream Trend is in the process of getting a new one certified, but it may be late this year or next before...
2 years ago 1
paint brushes
go to an art supply shop and hold onto your lower jaw bone because it will drop when you see the price of the fine art brushes the handles are easily turned but there are the bristles and the metal...
2 years ago
lot of turning in early american furniture 1650 to now
very interesting video lot of intricate turning in the early furniture
2 years ago
Looking for a 4850004 Tool Rest Base for the Ryobi Mini-Lathe ML618
A teacher at my school fell in love with this lathe, and the rest base snapped in half while he was turning a sycamore blank. I've attached a picture of it. I would really appreciate if somebody could...
2 years ago 2
those small scraps
there are always small scraps less than six inches and usually they are less than one inch diameter kindling is one use but i found another and you get to do some turning using a jam chuck i turn the...
2 years ago
Re: How is live oak for turning?
On Thu, 10 May 2018 22:20:35 -0700 (PDT), Lived Oak is wonderful.... and spalted Live Oak is even better. One warning... don't try to split it with a wedge. It was even the subject of a song..
2 years ago
nova dvr xp oliver and a rare one and others
price is way too high but then again they might get lucky vega grizzly with outboard setup oliver never come across one union graduate > > > That was the lathe of choice for most Uk professionals at...
2 years ago 7
craiglist scams
many ways that scams go on on craigslist they send a check that is over the amount of the item they go after high dollar items so they can make a bigger haul you list your lathe for 4000 and they...
2 years ago 2
stubby plus the works
nice bowl lathe probably not a bad price for all that Also appears to include a deep hollowing system. On Sun, 29 Apr...
2 years ago 4