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Rookie woodturner
Stumbled upon this group researching lathes, how to do it and safety risks involved. Figured I?d see if anyone is around the Dallas area and w ouldn?t mind letting me come over and watch and ask...
2 years ago 2
Powermatic B accessories for sale
I have the following for sale: 18" bed extension new in carton list $426 Remote switch Remote switch new list $100 - $ 75 Outboard turning stand list $679 - $475 Also have a vacuum pump and a monster...
2 years ago 1
Sh-t happens
I had almost finished roughing out the inside of this turning (prior to scraping the tool marks and taking the wall thickness down to 3mm) when.... The large "tenon" on the base was the result of...
2 years ago 3
Walmart sells Rikon lathes
b2-8b5c-36f52ee1bdbd I did not know Walmart sold Rikon lathes! There was an ad on a webpage I w as on. It was for Rikon lathes. 16x42 sliding head variable speed lathe. $2070. It was from Walmart. The...
2 years ago 16
Tool Rests
If any of you are looking for tool rests, you might give HF a call. The tool rests for their 14x36 lathe have a 1" post and are dirt cheap. I ordered several and cut two of them down to a 3" and 6"...
2 years ago 1
A real optimist
Or an ignoramus! He's asking C$1500 for a lathe that is worth only $100. Graham I like the "new condition" statement. A 40-50 year old lathe that has been used some, is "new condition". Ha Ha. I like...
2 years ago 8
number of companies still making wood lathes
just as reality check these off the top of my head robust oneway laguna grizzly powermatic jet rikon harborfreight would not suprise me that a few of the above could be consolidated as they share part...
2 years ago 8
should all turners have a fireplace
turners should have at least one find it hard to resist turning a blank i like even knowing that the visible crack looks deep probably deep enough to guarantee a failed turning but i turn it anyway...
2 years ago 5
no name and a treadle lathe and others
maybe not mainstream but is very interesting looks like an oliver but not sure cast iron treadle lathe will give you a workout while you turn good price on a grizzly and looks like it has not been...
2 years ago
blount vega oliver and more
this old blount looks to have seen better days but it is probably built like a tank and if the motor is good could be placed back into service with out spending a lot could probably turn outboard too...
2 years ago 15
nested measuring bowls
may try this sometime this year perhaps early next want to make small bowls that nest and are accurate measures for common baking sizes probably quarter cup up to two cups in quarter increments the...
2 years ago
Delta Variable Speed Controller
I'm looking for the controller codes for the Variable Speed Controller used in the Delta X5 (46-765). Delta no longer sells this part and their Customer Service is an oxymoron; there is no one at...
2 years ago 4
Rings and excess CA
I made these rings yesterday. I have excess CA glue on the core but I was afraid to use CA removal fluid to remove the CA. I thought the removal liquid is so flowing that it might compromise the CA...
2 years ago 2
oneway midi
lots of extras too all those chucks and facplates etc are not cheap bought separately not sure how good the deal is I doubt its a bad deal. IF you need 4 chucks. And several different jaws to go on...
2 years ago 2
and one more 51b
seems to be a later model than the previous two also outfitted for single phase way high on the price
2 years ago