Woodturning - Potential business??

Hi, I have kind of fallen into starting this as an income, my boss stopped giving me work at the same time I started thinking ?I could sell this?
My question is, do you spend time and effort on the stuff you want to do, or focus on what sells
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Obviously on what sells until you become established. Then assign a minor percentage of your cash-producing time to what you want to do, and if this sells well, increase that percentage.
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Like he said, what sells...
I don't enjoy making say rolling pins and pepper mills, but they pay the bills.
It's the high end "artish" items where we make the profits
All that being said, it's really hard and really hard work making an real living at this. All most of us can do is have a self-funding hobby. I figured out a couple decades ago that most of the people that actually make a living at this do so by providing goods and services to other turners
"Do you know the difference between a professional woodturner and a large pizza? A large pizza will feed a family of four"
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Ralph E Lindberg

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