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and one more 51b
seems to be a later model than the previous two also outfitted for single phase way high on the price
2 years ago
freud lathe tool set
looks like a really good deal to me love their saw blades On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 12:57:51 -0800 (PST) well hf is expert at making things that look like tools would be surprised if freud just put their...
2 years ago 2
oneway 1018
seems like a good price wonder if the headstock slides if not it is limited of course NO sliding. I think Oneway did offer an outboard tool rest, platform so yo u could turn on the other side of the...
2 years ago 3
another oliver 51b using a flyball governor
this one answers my prvious question about the hump on top really good price for a very capable lathe compare the tool rest and tailstock to a jet and hold your laughter
2 years ago
central machinery and german shepherd pups
an honest post and not a terrbile deal with chisels pups will probably cost more than the lathe
2 years ago
two to choose from
an nice looking nova with electronic speed control and outboard caps the old sears roebuck dunlap looks nice but seems so limited The Nova looks like a good price. I'm not anywhere near Phoenix...
2 years ago 4
jet 1236
if you can stand to own a jet product the price is not bad
2 years ago
italian mvm t1500 duplicator large
this look built like a tank
2 years ago
oliver 51b
like that tool rest i guess the hump must be a gear box for variable speed nice since it has outboard capability
2 years ago
turning gift ideas
if you like to cook at some point you find it easiest to measure all the ingredients and place in separate containers before mixing it makes the chore go quicker and you rarely ever forget an...
2 years ago
quiz which end goes into the chipper first
very horrific accident not sure of the details but usually this happens when the tree is not put in root first but there are other ways it can happen too like a snag on to a coat sleeve
3 years ago
JET jwl-1236 issue
Hi. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to remove a part. I recent ly bought the lathe at an estate sale. The guy who had it was making guita rs and it came with a buffer attached to the...
3 years ago 6
oliver versus nova
nice looking oliver nova seems like a good deal
3 years ago
grizzly variable speed copier
seems like a very good deal if it was not over worked
3 years ago
older powermatic
looks like a decent setup looks like a newish baldor motor but maybe it came with a baldor tooling seems to not be included or maybe it is
3 years ago