those small scraps

there are always small scraps less than six inches and usually they are
less than one inch diameter
kindling is one use
but i found another and you get to do some turning
using a jam chuck i turn the piece into something like a cylinder with
details that sometimes are decided by the scrap or me
maybe not technically a jam chuck but a jam mount
the head stock has a scrap block maybe one inch square and one inch
thick the tail stock provides the pressure to keep the piece jammed
while i turn it and a light finish sand
this arrangement allows me to turn the ends so there is not cutting
then get some uv stable monofilament and a small hole on one end
and a screw or glue
now you have a wind chime
can add some metal or glass to spice up the sound
the wood chimes are not too loud and you can play with sizes and
distance from each other for how much sound the produce
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