right around 400 seconds he uses a ball to cinch the sink
formatting link

great idea and a good use for those old tennis balls
nice sinks but seem more like an oddity and might only look good in just
the right house
keeping it clean and glossy might be impossible and the finish would need
to be impervious to all the things that bathroom sinks encounter from
toothpastes to lotions and cosmetics and daily wear and tear
would like to see it after a couple of years use
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Electric Comet
He was using a Laguna 18/36 lathe! I sure did not think that was green woo d. But when I saw the length, width and continuity of the shavings, it had to be green wood. Its too bad he skipped the finish. He went from turnin g raw wood to a completely finished bowl and drilling the bottom hole. Epo xy for the coating? Bowl looked pretty when he was done.
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On Wed, 4 Apr 2018 15:37:46 -0700 (PDT)
it had to be seasoned before coating and not sure how it was finished but it would need a very impervious finish because someone at some point will put a scouring pad to it to clean it
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Electric Comet

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