stubby plus the works

On Sun, 29 Apr 2018 11:49:15 -0600
iirc those are a lot of dough
in the right hands that setup could make money and pay for itself
in the other hands it could bring a lot of enjoyment for years and be a prefect gift making machine
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Electric Comet
I clicked on the link and more or less got nothing. It went to a Craigs List site but nothing on it. Does that mean the item has been removed and is no longer for sale? I'm not too familiar with how internet selling sites work.
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In article "" writes:
The norm in this situation is for the seller to delete the listing, and then CL says "The Listing has been deleted by the poster."
It looks like this guy just gutted the ad 2 days ago. That keeps the title, but makes the page otherwise worthless.
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Drew Lawson

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