craiglist scams

many ways that scams go on on craigslist
they send a check that is over the amount of the item
they go after high dollar items so they can make a bigger haul
you list your lathe for 4000 and they purposely send you a check for
they say ooops i sent too much can you send me the 1000 back
or maybe even say send me 950 since i caused this problem
of course their check is no good
best way to handle this is only take cash
or if the check is written on a bank nearby take the check to that
the bank will tell you right away if it is real
some sellers will actually accept a check and give the buyer the
lathe and pay them the over amount
losing a lathe and cash
if i am offered a check in person i say sure
i will drive us both to that bank right now and we can cash it together
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Electric Comet
My son saw an ad for some hi-tech equipment that was worth a 4000km round trip to collect in person. The "seller" told him he would ship it - just send me the money by Western Union. Yeah, right!
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yes scammers on both sides
sellers scamming buyers and vice versa
most are not sophisticated at all and the online sites do little to nothing to stop them
in case of craigslist local sheriff or police might get involved if a local transaction
scams on ebay and amazon and paypal are taken to next level
all three are publicly traded so if it helps their bottom line it is ok to look the other way
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Electric Comet

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