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a what a shop smith but
well okay it is just a shopsmith but the i like his helpers is it mortimer snerd my memory might be off > 1940s or 1950s tool. Wow. Only problem is it looks and likely works exactly like newer...
3 years ago 1
either or metal or wood
sitting in storage for years oliver 25 pattern maker good for turning those six foot bowls
3 years ago
8 foot vega
make you some columns or log tenons nice copy lathe - Make the second or the replacement column or spindles. Martin
3 years ago 1
looks like an oliver
looks to me like an oliver seems to have had a busy life
3 years ago
evolution legacy router lathe
for ornamental stuff before cnc
3 years ago
vicmarc vl300
like the look of these real work horses price seems extreme but they look well built
3 years ago
powermatic 1982
this label looks odd maybe a one off lathe from powermatic for the navy or some big contract maybe
3 years ago
one trick pony log tenon machine
i guess you hold the stock by hand and feed it in seems a bit dangerous but maybe there is a clamp somewhere there now why they decided against a lathe i would guess was to be versatile on the length
3 years ago
how to remove upper-rear guard NOVA DVR to clean dust inside
I got the RPS state error 0 How do I remove the upper-rear guard? I removed the bolts but the wheel is in my way... i recall there is a nova user on here I have a Galaxy but it's new and I have no...
3 years ago 3
one more oliver a 20b
posted this before i think so guess it is not priced right the owner may like it more than anyone else in this age we are now in it seems fewer and fewer folks have the room and or equipment to own...
3 years ago
vicmarc vl300 long bed
interesting looking lathe and looks well taken care of or hardly used notice the blurry turners
3 years ago
jet looks new
think i would take the oliver over this one due to low quality of jet sure it has sliding headstock and bigger swing but not enough for me and not at that price
3 years ago
no fancy bells and whistles but could do a lot with this one looking at it i wonder if the motor could be made to slide on the bed that would give more capacity but might not be worth the trouble I...
3 years ago 2
grizzly g1067z
more photos would help but not a bad starter lathe and with tools really not a bad deal better than a hf lathe probably walk away for 550 and might even get extras not mentioned happens once in a...
3 years ago 2
Re: Im Sooo Confussed, Oneway or Stubby lathe
I live a couple of hours away from the Stubby manufacturer and have just put a deposit on a 1000. I have to wait 3 months but am very excited. I am sure I have made a good decision but enjoyed this...
3 years ago 1