oneway midi

I doubt its a bad deal. IF you need 4 chucks. And several different jaws to go on the chucks. I would bet the four chucks and jaws are well over $1 000 when bought. BUT, who really needs four chucks? I can understand two chucks. Maybe, maybe even three. But four? The tools shown are just smal l scrapers I think. Not turning tools. I think the $1600 price is probabl y fair. Good looking Oneway Midi with extension bed. And lots of extra dr ivers.
But its kind of like the ready to retire old guy who has always wanted a Co rvette to look cool to the ladies. OK. Buy one Corvette when you are 59 y ears old to impress the girls. But why have an extra three more Corvettes sitting in the garage. One Corvette is enough to impress the girls. If yo u drove four different colors of Corvettes on your four dates with the girl , they would probably think you are an idiot for wasting your money on four Corvettes. One Corvette is enough.
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