Delta Variable Speed Controller

I'm looking for the controller codes for the Variable Speed Controller used in
the Delta X5 (46-765). Delta no longer sells this part and their Customer
Service is an oxymoron; there is no one at Delta that knows (or is willing)to
provide this information.
The codes ca be easily read off from a working Delta lathe. Is there anyone
that can provide me this information? Thanks much for any help.
Brad K
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Brad K
On Sun, 17 Dec 2017 20:44:02 GMT
would think that a thorough internet search might turn up an answer for this but maybe it is too esoteric
sometimes old manuals show up on there
found one for an old meter i have
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Electric Comet
Brad, excuse me for being dense, but why do you needed the codes? If it is to be able to tell the speed, just find a friend with a digital tachometer and read the speeds directly from the spindle. Once you have then recorded, return the tach.
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Dr. Deb
For the small fee of $18,999.79 I will get you what you need. Payment must be received in advance. Contact me at 800-277-1094, extension 361. Ask for Wally-361. Have your credit card ready.
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