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craftsman lathe
not come across one like this priced too high though unless the warranty transfers over or something or it includes lots and lots of extras
3 years ago
SF Bay wood turners???
Are there wood turners groups in the SF Bay area? On Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:54:51 -0700 (PDT) indubitably
3 years ago 1
lathe bed design
have not read the entire thing but it looks interesting > I didn't read it either. But I can't understand how you could write a thes is or lengthy paper on this subject. Remember lathe beds can also...
3 years ago 3
oliver 51d
6 foot bed and the lathe looks in great shape has the duplicator I don't know. Seems very expensive for a fairly basic lathe. Yes 6 feet. But only 12 inch swing. Old time spindle lathe. 4 pulleys so...
3 years ago 2
nova 1624
not sure how competitive the price is one thing that caught my eye was that the motor looks to be drooping a little bit it is not perfectly horizontal All these answers and Alice jones has not...
3 years ago 2
Re: Nova 3000 Owners!!! Need some help (again)- Not DVR
wrote: Are you certain the bowl is properly seated/attached in the chuck? Have you tried this on another piece of wood?
3 years ago
1944 oliver
looks well used but same owner for last 29 years plus everything else goes with it including the wood a steal at 2500 for someone that has the room and equipment to move it I don't know. I know...
3 years ago 6
Nova 3000 motor pulley
the motor pulley on my 3000 is worn and vibrates. there is no replacement available from teknatool, any body have a source for micro ribbed pulleys? i have a vfd on the lathe, so i don't need the...
3 years ago 5
steady jig
got some multi ply that is very stiff i think it is 3/8 and made a steady jig along with some roller blade skate wheels used wing nuts on the bolts to secure it to the bed and then made a small wrench...
3 years ago 8
new oliver model 2018
nice looking lathe and looks very solid like oliver lathes of the past but there is no way that is a sliding headstock in the picture not sure of the price You'd need to make sure that there was...
3 years ago 1
holzman duplicator
looks to be in good condition
3 years ago
oneway 2436
extras are extra and looks well used maybe a little high for a well used 16 year old lathe if they throw in all the tools with the deal it looks better Packard has this lathe new for about $6150. 2436...
3 years ago 14
get out your fork lift for this oliver
the motor alone probably 200-300 pounds i bet
3 years ago
Here's a lathe for ya EC:
You can toss all yer udder tools out to da curb... Nice CNC Metal lathe/mill. Doubt it would do welll with spray and mist automation jets on a wood stick. The input is a tube. The Input material is a...
3 years ago 10
Back in business
About six months, or so, ago, I bought a used Woodfast M910 lathe and got t he monster (to me) moved into my shop, setup and balanced. Worked great an d I was thoroughly pleased. Then I realized there...
3 years ago 9