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small mystery
while browsing for lathes on cl i have noticed many many brake lathes once used by automotive shops at first i did not think much of it but there are so many it is hard not to notice well the mystery...
3 years ago
not a bad price looks like a real work horse and fairly new Belonged to a friend and has already sold
3 years ago 1
Nova DVR XP, Vega Lathe Duplicator
lot of extras but steep on the price too
3 years ago
1998 sterling
could see this would be good for making fence posts or some other use as a one trick pony very simple That's a clone of the old Sears Craftsman lathe (that was my first machine). 3/4x16tpi spindle.
3 years ago 1
General 260
looks like a work horse has a gap bed too Those were the days when General still had an operating foundry in Quebec. Their table saws were superb as were all the other woodworking machines they made....
3 years ago 15
guess this is used for making logs for log cabins etc motor seems small for turning logs Curious about the picture. I see the lathe mizer thing. The bright orange and black thing. But is the light...
3 years ago 4
stubby for sale
this one is really built like a tank must weigh a lot Another Australian make, it seems. I forgot the names/models of the two Stubby lathes sold in the USA a number of years ago. The one shown in this...
3 years ago 8
nova dvr
this seems way too high but i guess if you are not sure what the going price is than start high can always go lower but never higher unless it is a govt contract I could buy a new one for less! It...
3 years ago 5
oneway 2036
looks like new they look to be built like a tank but the bed extension looks like it is sagging That extension is purely for swinging the tail stock out of the way, so it doesn't matter. The extension...
3 years ago 3
lathe with sawdust catchment
that attachment is not something i have ever seen i would guess it is for sawdust but maybe it has some other purpose Might be double sided and used to Straighten the ways. The lathe might not be bed...
3 years ago 1
good deal on duplicating lathe
if it all works it is a good deal > I hear that people are looking for nova part # 24040 I can mfg. the part. My design is a double ended retainer that when one side wears out just flip it over and...
3 years ago 1
john deere lathe
well not exactly but it has the colors On Sun, 15 Jan 2017 13:42:51 -0800 (PST) far as i know john deere does not make lathes nor have they ever the color scheme is john deere but that is all as usual...
3 years ago 2
minimax t124 replicator
not a bad price as have heard these are good machines
3 years ago
bowl blanks
price seems high but no one ever pays asking price on cl > The seller really should not smoke that stuff. > Why did the moron advertise it on the Des Moines Craig's List? His location is 2 hours from...
3 years ago 5
never heard of this one looks to have a copy attachment and maybe a vfd not a bad price It's a "Busy Bee" product. They are the Canadian equivalent of Grizzly. On Fri, 23 Dec 2016 13:50:20 -0700
3 years ago 2