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large oneway
seems like a reasonable price looks like the head does not swivel but maybe can turn outboard still not sure if i like that big control box on that arm None of the Oneway models has a swivel head. On...
3 years ago 3
blanchard lathe
a type of lathe i had not heard of before apparently for turning irregular forms anyone here ever used one sounds worthy of a little research On Thu, 22 Dec 2016 18:44:16 -0800 turns out that it is a...
3 years ago 1
Hiring a wood turner
I am looking to hire a wood turner / machinist for a project. Someone who can scale and expand would be preferable. The design is a 6 inch tall x 6 inch wide shape that needs a nice finish. I have...
3 years ago 5
Damn it!
Cut a round from a very large piece of elm last week that had been end sealed and drying for at least 15 years. Was going to make a 15-16? salad bowl. I left it for a few days as I was busy with work...
3 years ago 11
Clueless wife
I need help! My husband has an old Delta Milwaukee bench lathe from the 1940s. The probl em is that the motor is too fast for the turning he typically does. On the lowest setting, it's still faster...
3 years ago 8
pinnacle c1
seems like a good price for this class of lathe but maybe a bit high not many things you could not do with this one Being sold by someone who does not know anything about lathes or tools. Ex ample:...
3 years ago 11
nice oliver pattern maker lathe
have to admit i am unsure what the round housing is under the power switch maybe it is a speed dial always interesting lathes to look at
3 years ago
german made tools
was reading that china are spending serious amounts of money buying german companies they are paying prices double and triple what other offers were of course tools like lathes and woodworking...
3 years ago 6
dowel turning
run to the store and buy a section of dowel or make scraps into dowels needed some foot long dowels and only needed severl so found the right scraps my concern was getting consistent diameter but they...
4 years ago 3
gouging sharpeners
some of the sharpening systems out there will seriously gouge your wallet the tormek is ridiculous for that price it should be automated and where are the automated sharpeners hmmm maybe that desktop...
4 years ago 10
French Rolling pin
A friend asked me to contribute an item or items to her church fund raiser auction. I had a bowl that was not too bad and thought I would send it alo ng. Then I got the wild idea to turn a French...
4 years ago 4
woodturning in cinema
old movies are fun even if they are not good just for the scenery and to see how things used to be and look and the old cars and the style of clothes but this one was the best woodworker showing i...
4 years ago
Rounding bowl Blanks
Ordinarily I use the bandsaw to cut round blanks for bowls, but large, heavy pieces I do with a small chain saw. I measure the diameter two ways making a center cross mark. Setting a large compass on...
4 years ago 1
drilling pencil lead on a lathe
ok he was not using a wood lathe but one could turn wood on this lathe if one wanted to he drilled a hole through a point 7 or point 9 mechanical pencil lead it was a competition and his competitor...
4 years ago 6
Wet shear scraping
I was turning a bowl this afternoon from a piece of fruit wood (in the basement for >20 years and species unknown). I shear scraped the outside and got an generally good finish but there were some...
4 years ago 7