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New (to me) lathe
I had a Jet 1442 for a number of years and, while it was a decent enough la the, it had some limitations I was finding more and more frustrating. I lo oked at a Robust, liked what I saw, but had...
4 years ago 5
Re: Missing the good old days.
In article graham writes: Web sites are sparkly. Usenet text just lays there. That's what I like about Usenet. I won't use facebook for much, just check what my wife posts. But some of the other sites...
4 years ago 1
Interesting things I've turned
I'm known for turning tops around my close family. Each one has its own personality, some spin fast and in one spot, others will actually spin sideways until their inertia forces them up onto their...
4 years ago 4
Bowl Sanding Kits
Peachtree has a special on bowl sanding kits If you are needing new, or additional, sanding mandrels, its not a bad deal. Deb
4 years ago
american made general
looks like a real nice lathe and really not a bad price what is the thing with all the knobs in the small photo iirc someone mentioned they are made in canada or am i misremembering or maybe they once...
4 years ago 11
SuperNova 2 on sale
Having picked up a "new to me" lathe, with a 1 1/4x8 thread on the headstoc k, as opposed to the 1x8 on my old one, I went looking for a new chuck. I got a headstock spindle adapter from PennState...
4 years ago 5
Good work PSI!
I called PSI about my chuck with the stuck screws, and found it was still under warranty. They sent me a new set of travelers (the black things that the jaws screw to), a set of screws, and a...
4 years ago 1
Barracuda Chuck Screws
I have the PSI Barracuda CSC3000C lathe chuck. The screws strip out really easily, usually the head rounds out. I'm in the process of removing the stripped out screws, but it's going slowly... At any...
4 years ago 2
New (to me) lathe
The president of the Alabama Woodturners Assn (of which I was a member and still miss going) put three lathes up for sale - he found a deal on a big O neway. One of the lathes was a Woodfast M910,...
4 years ago 3
nice old delta with tooling
seems a bit high on price but looks solidly built > It is high, especially that its only a 14" swing. But that is over the gap, I'll bet! Over the bed it's more likely 12". Graham
4 years ago 2
laguna pinnacle c1
nice looking copy lathe to my eye it looks similar to one of the pattern maker lathes lots of moving parts on this price seems high in this market Last week I met a woodshop owner who also slabs trees...
4 years ago 3
Apple Root
I pulled the last of an Apple Tree out of the ground today, and have been looking at turning it. I have not cleaned it off yet, so I don't know if the root ball is intact or has rotted out like most...
4 years ago 5
teknatool parts update
Well, since I couldn't find any in a week, my wife found it in an hour.. lol They have 27 keeper plates in stock, minus the 3 she just ordered... Thanks for the help, folks, I do appreciate it... Good...
4 years ago 3
Anyone have a current contact for Nova parts?
I need to replace the keeper plate (part #24040) on my DVRxp lathe again... All of the contact info that I had and any on the web is outdated and are dead links... Have you tried Yes... I doesn't seem...
4 years ago 15
Rasp for turning
Never being one to avoid asking what's on my mind... Would a surform rasp or similar have any use on the lathe? I was wondering if it would be handy for those "chippy" or wrong-way grain turning...
4 years ago 6