Re: Nova 3000 Owners!!! Need some help (again)- Not DVR


> While sanding a small cherry bowl, 9" or so I started getting a clanking
>> noise out of the lathe. It doesn't sound like a bearing, it doesn't seem to
>> be coming from the motor or the pulleys or belt (or my teeth). Definitely
>> sounds and feels like its coming from the bearing area, but its not a
>> grinding noise that I associate with bearings going out. Sounds more like
>> the clanging of a streetcar.
>> It's not consistent, but is more evident on startup and shutdown At first I
>> thought a pulley had come loose, but they appear to be tight, I'll check
>> that again tho'. Definitely sounds like a loose pulley, but doesn't appear >> to be.
>> Any ideas?? I rarely turn items that are badly out of balance, so I can't
>> believe its the bearings.
>> HELP!!!!!!!!!
>> -Bruce
Are you certain the bowl is properly seated/attached in the chuck? Have
you tried this on another piece of wood?
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