belt sharpener

have been looking at belt sanders and came across this one
formatting link
looks well made and well thought out but it is not cheap
not sure about availability of that size belt either
the sorby name might still mean something but not sure about that either
with the race to the bottom in everything now
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Electric Comet
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I am sure it handles them, but the one thing missing from the video is how to sharpen in-cannel gouges.
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Dr. Deb
I use an old, discontinued, 1 x 42 ? grizzly belt sander dedicated to sharpening my turning tools. It looks a little like this
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but is all metal. It came with a disk sander to mount on the end of the motor but I never installed it. I use blue sharpening belts from Lee Valley, set the angle on the table to sharpen at 35 deg. and it takes about 15 seconds to sharpen a bowl gouge. No jig needed, just sweep the tool around while sharpening. Sometimes I use a fine stone to take the burr off the inside, but it does not seem to matter in actual use. I never hone or strop a turning tool. It will dull in a few minutes anyway.
I never use it on wood, because I dislike mixing metal sparks with wood dust.
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G Ross

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